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Kumpa Walk-Off Wins Play of the Week

The game was all tied up at four. Santoro on third. One out. Bottom of the seventh.

Johnny Kumpa stepped up to the plate. After struggling to find his way to first base during the game, Kumpa was ready to put that in the past. All it took was a base hit. Kumpa did exactly that. A little chopper up the middle, barely creeping out of the infield, secured the 14u Moose win against the talented NE Knights.

The 14u Moose had lost two in a row and were itching for a victory. Thanks to John Kumpa, the antlers flashed for the team in black, blue, and green. Since this walk-off, the Moose have yet to lose. The Meese are rollin!

Kumpa flashes the antlers

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