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Week 1: 14u Relay Double-Play Wins Play of the Week

A glimpse of sunshine, after an overcast week, filled with numerous rain showers, the 14u Connecticut Moose were able to hit the field against the CT Barnstormers. A high scoring affair allowed the big bat Barnstormers to take control early and never look back. The Moose may have lost the game, but one play shocked us all. A play we will never forget. 

Bizarre, yet miraculous.

The 14u Moose needed just about anything to go its way in the top of the second, as the bases were loaded with no outs. After the Barnstormers put up a monstrous four runs in the top of the first, a hit-by-pitch to start the second inning followed by three walks brought the score to 5-1. 

The count was 1-2. Barnstormers third baseman, Kuzniar lined a ball into the right field gap. The gapper found the glove of centerfielder Matt Santoro, who quickly hauled in a dart to first baseman Jack Decker. Decker relayed the rock to catcher Carter Morton at home plate. 

So you may be thinking, why is this so special, it’s just your typical relay to the plate. No. What happened next was unlike anything we have seen before. 

The baserunner who had started the play on second base was tagged out by catcher Carter Morton, but as soon as Morton pounded one with his glove, soon followed the base runner who had started the play on first base. 

The runner who had started the play on first base had caught up to the runner who had started the play on second base. They both met along the third baseline, and Morton casually turned what could have been a three-run double, into a double play. 

The Moose went on to lose 11-6, but an unforgettable double play put a clip in memory lane for the 14u Connecticut Moose 2020 summer. 

This is your play of the week.

14u Moose in action

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