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Week 1: Hawkins Wins Player of the Week

One swing of the bat is all it takes. They don't happen very often, but when they do, we need to recognize them.

Dickinson baseball commit, Conor Hawkins shined some light for the 18u Moose during a blow out against the CT Capitals. A bomb was sent over the wall at Windsor High School. Hawkins wins player of the week because one play as big as that, as powerful as that, can impact a game, a week, or even an entire season.

More games to come. More chances for Moose miracles. This summer is just getting started. Who will win the player of the week next week? My gut says a youngster steals the crown from a veteran.

Hawkins grand slam takes the crown in week one.

Dickinson Commit Conor Hawkins loads up to smash a grand slam

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