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The Connecticut Moose Handling the Global Pandemic

It's about safety. It's about precaution. It's about representing. The Connecticut Moose baseball program, despite limitations, is on track to have yet another fantastic summer. Why fantastic? Get 20 plus wins and a few tournament trophies? No.

The Moose program isn't about the records or tournament victories, that's icing on the cake. As a coaching staff, lead by head Moose Mike Perry, the main goal is to support the players. Support players towards success in the future. Support players towards division one baseball scholarships. Support players towards whatever path life takes them.

With the consistent goal of putting the players first, Mike Perry, along with the rest of the highly experienced and influential coaching staff, has created a system that allows a baseball program to run safely during the global pandemic.

Whether it be the customization of Moose masks or the distribution of personal hand sanitizers, the Connecticut Moose are proceeding with caution. The schedule has been adjusted to 25 games, along with 20 practices, all of which at Northwest Catholic or Kingswood Oxford. No away games. Players have set up lawn chairs along the foul line, six feet apart, to obey the social distancing protocol.

Rob Perry enforces instruction to his 16u Moose

This program has always put the player's safety and success first, and during a global pandemic, the Moose will be doing everything they can to avoid putting families health in jeopardy.

Baseball is healing for all of us. It's a sport that brings people together. It's a passion. After a tough stretch of months in quarantine, all emotion and energy will be let out on the field. There is no holding back the Moose army.

16u left hander, Evan Niziolek works on his heater during practice

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