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Mike Demio Wins Week Three Player of The Week

What a week for Mike Demio. 18u monster, Demio started the week off with a dinger against Southington, and from that at-bat on, there was no looking back for the lefty slugger.

Demio had a week like no other, going 5-17 with nine RBI's and a home run. He also used his quick feet on the base path and stole seven bags. He hit bombs left and right. He held down his ground in left field. And he helped his 18u Moose team win baseball games.

A Cory Carlson and Sean Sylvester led ball club went 4-2 on the week, bringing the team back up to .500 on the season.

Let's see if anyone can top this week from the robust Mike Demio. The challenge is yours, Moose Army!

Lefty slugger Mike Demio hits an absolute bomb

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