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18u Moose Bats Get it Rollin In Blow Out Win on Saturday

Strong pitching, big hacks, inspirational speeches, the 18u Moose went 1-1 in its two-game weekend. The army started the weekend off with a bang on Saturday, winning 8-4 against the DBI Junior Scooners.

The bats started early and unleashed in the bottom of the fourth inning. A thin 2-1 lead quickly broke open to an 8-2 blow out. From that point on, the DBI Junior Scooners had no chance against these rolling Meese.

The beast in Nick Cannata came out on Saturday when he struck out nine in four innings of stellar dealing. He only gave up one run, due to an error in the field. Patrick Hemingway and Brandon Wolmer both came out of the bullpen for the Moose, contributing to the steady defense on Saturday.

Smith hitting an absolute bomb

The pitching was superb, but the bats were on fire. Mike Demio led the team in RBI's with three after a bases-clearing double in the fourth inning. He made sure to flash the antlers after his poke to left-center. Colin Nichols had an impressive day at the plate, pounding two hits, which turned into two RBI's. Lastly, starting pitcher, Nick Cannata showed he could do it all on Saturday, whipping up two base knocks in two plate appearances.

The Moose could not transfer Saturday's success to Sunday's early morning game, but you can't win them all. They play tomorrow at Southington West baseball complex against the Southington Knights at 5:45 pm to tackle its third win of the season.

Nick Cannata throwing a heater

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